To Frigga’s Handmaidens

12 May

Hail to Saga, mistress of watery Sokkvabekk,
drinking companion of wandering Odin,
skillful teller of tales, holder of history,
deep source of wisdom gained by experience,
Quick-witted Saga, shrewd and sage, reasoned and profound,
the mead of inspiration is your drink. Hail Saga!

Hail to Eir, calm and gentle purger of all ills,
most skillful of doctors, most mighty of healers,
all cures and remedies are within your power.
Kind-hearted restorer of health to the stricken,
of hope and renewal, of strong bodies and sound minds,
for a good and active life we thank you. Hail Eir!

Hail to Gefjon, kind-hearted friend of maidens,
protector of innocents, guardian of the young;
in your hall dwell those who have passed from life unwed.
Clever taker of Zealand, beguiler of kings.
plough-woman, driver of oxen, mother of strong sons,
wide-ranging your interest, abundant your gifts. Hail Gefjon!

Hail to Fulla, sister and dearest friend of Frigga,
guardian of her treasures, sharer of her secrets,
holder of her trust. Fulla of the flowing hair,
the power of knowledge is yours; you understand
the obligations of necessity. Fulla,
fulfiller of wishes, provider of needs: Hail Fulla!

Hail to Sjofn, nurturer of love and desire,
of fast friendship and firm family bonds.
Frith-weaver, friend of lovers, the course of passion
is made clear by your hand–affection and devotion
are your gifts to mankind. Sjofn, you reveal to us
the urgent callings of the heart. Hail to Sjofn!

Hail to Lofn, gentle advocate of all love,
persuasive one whose art and wit may win
the right to wed for any who ask. Lofn,
smoother of rough roads, remover of obstacles,
shifter of burdens, diminisher of troubles,
you help us along dark paths, through tangled lives. Hail Lofn!

Hail to Var, who upholds the oaths of men and women,
who watches carefully those who pledge their word,
who ensures that that word is kept, who punishes
the oath-breaker. Promises and contracts, solemn vows,
honor, truth, fidelity, all are your concern,
firm-handed and trustworthy goddess. Hail to Var!

Hail to Vor, canny one from whom no secret can be kept,
wise woman, seeker after knowledge, finder of truth.
Clever one, quick to see and quick to understand,
open-eyed and clear-witted, cunning and discerning,
all things are revealed to you, no matter how long
and deeply buried, how skillfully veiled. Hail Vor!

Hail to Syn, who bars the door against all foes,
who welcomes friends but sends away those without,
whose spite or ill nature would endanger those within.
Shrewd and insightful warder of boundaries,
safe-keeper, defender of the falsely accused,
holder of the home, guardian of the family. Hail Syn!

Hail to Hlin, protector of those favored by Frigga,
vigilant guardian of those most dear to her heart,
you know her mind, you share her joys and agonies.
With care you watch over the sons and daughters
of mankind, you keep them safe from all danger,
you drive away all evil, you battle any foe.

Hail to Snotra, wise in the ways of the world,
quick of thought and clever of speech, smooth-tongued goddess
whose broad understanding and able diplomacy
may accomplish much. You know much of tradition,
and of when to hold and when to break with it,
your words as swift and sharp as any sword. Hail Snotra!

Hail to Gna, swiftest and trustiest of couriers,
tireless one, well-traveled goddess, you know the path
to every home, you find your way to every land
without fail, delivering each message with speed.
Rider of Hofvarpnir, flying over sea and sky,
you carry the words of Frigga to all the worlds.


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