To Heimdall

12 May

Hail to Heimdall, watchful guardian of broad Bifrost,
son of the nine mothers, son of the cresting waves,
master of Himinbjorg, rider of swift Gulltopp,
wakeful holder of the world-piercing Gjallarhorn,
restorer to Freyja of peerless Brisingamen,
wary opponent and final foe of Loki.
Brilliant Heimdall, father of men, teacher of runes,
far-seeing and fore-seeing gatherer of facts,
clear-headed and diligent, trustworthy warder,
exacting friend of those who seek learning and lore,
stern and straight-backed defender of order,
you sustain the ideal, you drive the intellect.

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Posted by on May 12, 2013 in Heathen Prayers, Heimdall


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