To Sif

12 May

Hail to Sif! Shining one, gentle one, bride of Thor,
of dwarven gold your hair was forged, a treasure
of unparalleled worth, of might beyond telling.
Sif, kind-hearted goddess, provider of plenty,
of growth, of new green leaves on sun-warmed branches,
of sweet-scented roses, grapes thick on their vines,
of trees heavy with fruit, gardens rich with produce,
of the harvest’s long days of labor, sweat repaid
with food enough to last throughout the winter.
Glorious Sif, home-loving one, defender of family,
of community, of bonds of love and friendship,
maintainer of precious frith, granter of great gifts,
we thank you for security, for steadfastness,
for safety and sufficiency. Bright-haired goddess,
clever one whose soft words and soothing voice
can still a storm of savagery, we thank you for
your many blessings, for your calming influence,
for your warmth and kindness to desperate hearts.
Sif, nourisher of body and soul, we honor you.

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Posted by on May 12, 2013 in Heathen Prayers, Sif


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