To Sif

12 May

Hail to Sif, warm-hearted bride of red Thor,
frith-weaving goddess whose hair of bright gold
lights any room, any land, any season.
Sif, none more fair walks the halls of the gods,
none more kind, none more necessary,
goddess whose might supports all existence,
your power coveted by many foes,
defended by all within the walls
of Asgard, honored by all who depend
on your strength and goodness for our lives.
Sif, bringer of bounty, provider
of rich harvests, of fields flowing with grain,
of trees heavy with fruit, of a winter’s worth
of meat and bread, our survival resting
in your soft, sturdy hands. Shining goddess,
we thank you each day for your many gifts,
for our prosperity, for our lives.
Hail to Sif! Hail the giver of good!

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Posted by on May 12, 2013 in Heathen Prayers, Sif


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