To the Ancestors

12 May

Beloved ones, friends and kin long gone, family lost
to time and distance, grandmothers and grandfathers
of centuries past, you whose loss still cuts knife-sharp
and you we know only from oft-repeated tales.
Honored ones, you whose lives inspire us, you whose deeds
shaped history for good or ill, whose blood runs through our veins,
you whose bold and restless hearts brought us to new lands,
you to whom we owe our lives and our existence,
we remember you this night. We see your faces
in the mirror each day, we see your spirit
in our children’s eyes. We see the world we live in
and recognize your hand in it; we find our way
through life and know your lives as well. Through the years
we hear your voice, we feel your gaze, we know your love
and care. Hail to the dead, hail to our foundation.

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Posted by on May 12, 2013 in Ancestors, Heathen Prayers



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