Prayer to Balder

28 Jun


O son of ever-watchful Odin, Balder, best of gods,
I call to you with an open heart, I pray to you
with open eyes. Son of fair Frigga who sought your safekeeping,
who gathered up pledges like flowers in spring,
who begged for salt tears throughout the worlds,
a mother’s love wielded with skill, yet in vain.
Balder, most beautiful, bright-shining god,
there are no words to tell of your glory,
there is no being who burns with your fire. Yours is a tale
of many turns, of what must be and of what must end,
of well-plotted plans and of ill become good.
O Balder who dwells among the dead, holder
of your father’s secrets, hidden hope of all that is,
I honor your story, I honor your might, I honor the worlds
in which you walk. Hail to good Balder, great god of the light!

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Posted by on June 28, 2017 in Balder, Heathen Prayers


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