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To Jord

Hail Jord, soul of the deep earth, mother of red Thor,
fair as the white-tipped mountains, the soft green moss
that clings to rock and tree, the slow-flowing glacier
that carves the world like a sculptor’s knife. Ancient Jord,
pulse of Midgard, in our bones and our blood we feel
your might, with every breath we take you in,
with every step we know your strength. Constant one,
steady one, cradle of humanity, granter
of gifts, taker of lives, destroyer of cities,
cleaver of stone, holder of relics of creatures
long gone, long forgotten, holder of memories
long fallen into the well. Jord, fair etin-maid,
strong of arm, strong of heart, strong of spirit to bear
the friend of men, I thank you for your patience
and restraint, I thank you for my life within yours.

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To Jord

Hail to Jord, mother of Thor who gave to her son
her strength and her solidity. Goddess of dirt
and sturdy stone, of moss and roots and buried bones,
of seed and stem, of cave and plain, of every patch
on which we step, on which we live our lives. Upon
your flesh we stand. We laugh and weep, couple and contend,
suffer the bitter and savor the sweet,
birth our babies, teach our children, bury our dead.
All our joys and sorrows, all that we love and fear,
all that we ever know, all comes from you.
Mighty Jord, encompassing goddess, we honor you.

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A Daily Devotion

Hail to Odin, ruthless seeker of wisdom,
far-seeing persuader, bender of what will be.

Hail to Frigga, exacting mistress of the home,
seeress and spinner whose gifts weave through our lives.

Hail to Thor, strong-armed defender of Midgard,
red-bearded rain-bringer, faithful friend of mankind.

Hail to Sif, golden-haired goddess, dear wife of Thor,
treasure of the gods, bringer of life to the cold earth.

Hail to Frey, giver of wealth of gold and grain alike,
of peace and protection, of joy and of pleasure.

Hail to Freya, who stirs sweet desire and keen-edged strife,
seeress, sorceress, strong-willed holder of war-dead.

Hail to Tyr, one-armed granter of justice deserved,
Thing-warder, wolf-binder, strong-minded foe of chaos.

Hail to Skadhi, sharp-minded huntress, winter’s maid,
bow-woman, vengeance-seeker, shining bride of Njord.

Hail to Ullr, snowshoe god, friend of hunters,
unsurpassed, glory of the gods.

Hail to Eir, soft-handed healer, gentle goddess
whose touch brings relief from ills of all kinds.

Hail to Heimdall, constant guardian of bright Bifrost,
keen-eyed giver of clear thought, father of men.

Hail to Nerthus, ancient and unfathomable,
holder of the black earth and of the seeds within.

Hail to Njord, fair-footed husband of fierce Skadhi,
friend of sailors, seacoast-dweller, giver of wealth.

Hail to Bragi, foremost of skalds, rune-tongued master
of inspiration’s fire, of wordcraft’s labor.

Hail to Idunna, keeper of the treasured fruit
of youth and vigor, radiant renewer of life.

Hail to Forseti, law-giver and law-keeper,
arbiter, peacemaker, mender of fences.

Hail to Hella, host of our beloved dead,
inevitable one to whom we all will go

Hail to Aegir, best of brewers, best of hosts,
master of the dark sea depths and all they hold.

Hail to Ran, ocean-queen, keeper of Aegir’s hall,
stirrer of storms, both bane and reprieve of ships at sea.

Hail to Balder, brightest son of farseeing Odin,
final hope of the gods, final hope of all the worlds.

Hail to Nanna, bold-hearted bride of Balder,
strong one, true one, holding fast to hearth and heart.

Hail to Jord, deep-souled mother of red-bearded Thor,
enduring holder of breath and blood, sea and stone.

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